Friday, 6 May 2016

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

...a.k.a the clone of Shingeki no Kyojin. The anime that spread as a virus and let other non-fanatical people cringe at ech and every cosplay of people with a bondage fetish with gears.

Woa woa stop. I didn't want to make a review  of Shingeki no kyojin. Today I wanted to focus on a new anime, currently airing, has 4 episodes and its name is Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Well I don't intend to make this a full review since it's not completely finished yet as I said it's still airing. Here I am with a first impression insted:

So far I've seen all 4 episodes which aired to this day. I don't even know why I started watching it to be honest. I guess I had way too much to watch and was not in a mood to watch any of those I currently watch together with this one so as usually, thank you brain, I started a new anime \o/ I searched for anime of 2016 in my list of marked anime as "want to watch" in case there is a good one I can watch as it airs and this particular anime had way too good ratings for something with 2 episodes at that time :D

I wonder what will be the storyline of this anime. From what I've seen:
1.) it's way too similar to Shingeki no Kyojin as I mentioned a few lines back. This fact probably had the biggest impact on ratings. People assume it's going to be something like Shingeki, an anime they all adore and love (let me clarify this: I have nothing against SnK, I enjoyed it myself. I just don't understand the fuss around it and the fandom is just crazy. /what fandom isn't actually/ but that's okay, other people probably wouldn't understand my obsession for sports anime) I'm not saying the story is similar. It's just the idea and the animation (the power or the same studio) and the coolness of this anime. It has a lot of similar features.

2.) The thing with this animation: Is it just me or did we really return to 2000 anime animation :D If you modernize it a bit, it's possible to see similar features to Hellsing a bit. If you ask me I am glad this happens because I liked the older animation. These days it's... oh well it IS nice, but the details are missing and I just don't know sometimes it's very ew.

3.) Back to the storyline. So far I'm still wondering what should I expect. At the beginning there's a village attacked by Kabane(s) which are something as zombies, kinda similar to titans as they have just one spot that can kill them for good. They are usually very stupid blood drinking and human eating creatures although more intelligent ones are starting to appear. (again, Shingeki) We are watching a story of a teenage (?) boy who is trying to invent a gun which would be effective in a fight against Kabanes. I have to mention that the situation with Kabanes goes like this: Noone explained where they come from, what do they want, how come there is so many of them (because it's -again- kinda Shingeki-like, they just time to time appear in a large group attacking humans) we know nothing. One thing we do know is that by biting people they infect them and they start to turn into Kabanes too which causes a huge panic and all the people seem to have this self-destruction bomb in case they are turning into Kabanes. Thanks to all that, people are very paranoid and if they think someone is Kabane, they just kill him at the spot. Being Kabane or not. Well, it's all fun fun fun :D
Later on people escape on some sort of a train running away from Kabanes who attacked and destroyed the village. Stuff happens.*SPOILER* the main character gets bitten and starts to turn into Kabane but he manages to stop it by his head (I still wonder how did he not hang himself) and turns into Kabaneri, something between Kabane and human. *THE END OF SPOILER*
I get the feeling that this train's journey will be basically the main plot of this anime. I hope not. But so far it really does look like it. We'll see.

4.) Can we talk about how is the soundtrack incredibly good?

It's composed by Hiroyuki Sawano, who made the soundtrack of Shingeki no Kyojin or Owari no Seraph, Guilty Crown, Ao no Exorcist, Seven deadly sins and other... I think you understand now :D it's just eargasm. Remember me saying I don't usually pay attention to soundtrack? Well this one is impossible to miss.It gives me chills all the time.

5.) "I will save you all. I want you to live the rest of your lives knowing the man you abandoned saved you and I will laugh at you from the afterlife and tell you that it serves you right" <--- my favourite scene. It's very anti-heroic and amazing.

To sum up: I'm not overly hyped for this anime, although I can say I will continue watching it because I'm just simply curious if this will fullfil my expectations or not. I expect it to be good, it has potential even though some people might be labeling it as "just a clone of SnK". We'll see~ ^^