Thursday, 20 August 2015

A Brief Introduction


*sweats nervously*

Welcome, stranger! ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


You are one of the luckier people in the world but you don't know it yet *giggles* You just came to my little lair where everything's possible and the dreams meet reality. *dramatic music playing in the backgroud* Yup. Interested yet? Good.

Let me introduce myself.
You can call me Yuna. I'm a random little female dwarf living and hiding in the shadows of trees of the Central Europe and living my life in piece peace with the surroundings. I'm friendly and cat loving. I speak a very ancient language far too different from English, so please bear with me. *bows* ^^ I sing odes to a dark brown liquid, which I drink every day. I watch animated series which uneducated and foolish people mistakenly call cartoons. I enjoy watching British series too. I like doing nothing in my little room by myself as much as the next door hobbits do. My hobbies are pretty simple. Except for doing nothing and patiently waiting for a next episode of one of my favourite shows I also draw and write stories in my free time. (But that's not worth mentioning) When I'm not busy with this strange educating system my parents tossed me into and my country forced me to go to. I have a very few friends, but that's alright. I always welcome new wanderers into my lair open-armed.

 Don't be shy and come in~

I will post diary writings, reviews and my (for sure very right) opinions on certain topics which can and hopefully will come to my mind at a concrete moment.

See you next time~